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Nagarjuna Management Services
Nagarjuna Management Services

Services Spectrum

Our team of experts provide world-class Operations & Maintenance Services to operating plants and new projects.

  • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Operation of Plant
  • Maintenance : Preventive, Breakdown and Turnaround
  • Inspection and Condition Monitoring
  • Environmental Services and Systems
  • Safety Services and Systems
  • Laboratory and Quality Assurance
  • Plant Technical Services – technical and energy audit
  • Plant problem diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Training


Plant Operations

The operation group has wide experience of pre-commissioning, commissioning and operation of ammonia, urea, steam and power generation and other utilities plants. The group’s experience covers most of ammonia and urea process technologies. The group continuously updates its knowledge and skills by participating in various training programs, workshops and symposia in India and abroad. The plants are successfully operated at high capacity utilization and efficiency levels. The group experience includes successful commissioning of ammonia and urea plants of external clients within schedules set by clients.

Specific services offered:

Pre-commissioning, commissioning, operation and troubleshooting of plants.

Field and DCS trained panel operators for process plants.

Training of plant engineers and operators.

Preparation of operation manual, standard operating procedures and emergency preparedness plans.

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) and technology suppliers’ guidelines are normally followed for commissioning and operation of plants. Services can be customized to the needs of client.

Plant Maintenance

The Maintenance group has rich experience of installing, maintaining and overhauling of all process plant equipment – static and rotating machines. This group successfully maintains high design pressure and temperature vessels operating with corrosive services. Gas turbines, steam turbines, heavy-duty compressors and pumps are kept online with preventive and turnaround maintenance including overhauling of machines. Continuous improvement and updating of knowledge and skills is ensured by participating in training programs and workshops.

Modern-day tools of high precision and accuracy are used. Strict protocols on maintenance practices and equipment history are adhered to. OEM’s manuals and guidelines are generally followed for overhaul maintenance. In-house experience with NFCL plants have shown that this group can do quality job (right, first time) under demanding schedules. NFCL plants have run turnaround to turnaround. Supported by inspection and condition monitoring group and a central workshop, the group is capable of undertaking challenging plant maintenance assignments in India and abroad for total satisfaction of the clients.


Inspection & Condition Monitoring

This group provides scheduled inspections and condition monitoring online for various rotating and static equipment. It also takes up comprehensive inspection of majority of equipment and pipelines during plant turnaround. Based on the results of inspection and recommendations, repair and replacement jobs are taken up. All these steps have helped maintaining the plant in good condition and avoid breakdowns in plant operation.

The group comprises of highly accomplished mechanical and metallurgical engineers and skilled technicians with experience ranging from 9 to 15 years. The group has members, trained in different NDT methods upto ASNT / ISNT Level-II, who are capable of taking high quality inspection, health monitoring and analysis jobs on the field and in the laboratory. Some of the important services carried out by the group include corrosion monitoring, internal inspection of vessels, reformer tubes and furnace inspection, eddy current testing, thermal imaging of plant equipment and vibration analysis of all types of rotating equipment. Reliable failure analysis followed by suitable recommendations for corrective actions is another important activity.

Follow-up inspection is made for quality assurance of repair and maintenance. The group is equipped with state-of-art inspection aids and apparatus. The group has been active and in great demand by internal and external clients. The Group’s services have been highly appreciated by clients for quality and reliability.

Environment Services

The major services provided by this group include monitoring of liquid effluent quality, air emissions from various stacks and solid waste disposal. The group co-ordinates with production group to ensure that all statutory and system requirements on environment are met. It is supported by a full-fledged state-of-art chemical laboratory. Managed and serviced by an accomplished team of professionals in chemical engineering and chemistry, the services offered are:
Environment Impact Analysis (EIA) studies for new projects and operating plants
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
Management Systems
Consultancy services for implementation of ISO 14001, ISO 9001-2000 revised version and OHSAS 18001
Internal Auditors training on EMS and QMS
Integration of the EMS, QMS and OHSAS systems
Services of qualified auditors for certifying agencies


Safety Services

Ammonia, Urea and Steam & Power plant operations are hugely hazardous by nature. Safety professionals are key resources for working in close coordination with plant personnel to ensure total safety of the plant and machinery and human resources. This group also ensures meeting all statutory requirements. Safety guidelines are prepared, standards are framed and compliance is monitored. Site and Offsite emergency plans are prepared and issued. Emergency mock drills are conducted for all-time preparedness. Fire fighting system is kept in full readiness to fight any major or minor fire. The group imparts training and retraining to all plant professionals, factory workers, office workers and contract workmen. First aid and rescue training is imparted to select personnel for building effective first aid and rescue teams. The group is credited with helping the NFCL plants achieve the 5-star rating from British Safety Council.


Laboratory & Quality Assurance

Quality of raw materials, process chemicals, catalysts, intermediate compounds, products and environment parameters are monitored and assured through rigorous analysis done at various stages of supply chain. Our expert group providing services of laboratory analysis and quality assurance is fully geared to take-up assignments in this area. Information provided by this group is judiciously used by plant operation group to make corrective changes and maintain expected quality of all process streams and products. The group is supported by a state-of-art laboratory which houses some of the most modern sophisticated instruments and apparatus in addition to all normal analysis tools.


Plant Technical Services

A process and utilities plant site cannot be run efficiently without professional inputs from technical services group. These inputs generally are in the form of technical and energy audit of the plant, energy reporting and other MIS services. Any technical problem related to plant load, reliability, quality and efficiency needs a professional study for its solution. This exercise involves identification of relevant data, data collection, observation, analysis, process and general engineering calculations for problem diagnostics. Our expert group providing these services comprises of chemical and mechanical engineers with rich experience. The group has successfully troubleshot the bottlenecks of operating plants on many occasions after studying the plant problems. Several useful modifications have been carried out in the plant by this group for improving capacity, quality and efficiency of operations. The group is extensively using process and general engineering software including ASPEN.
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