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Nagarjuna Management Services
Nagarjuna Management Services

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Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited (NFCL) had set-up and commissioned its first ammonia and urea complex in 1992 at Kakinada, the south-eastern coastal town of Andhra Pradesh in India. The process plants are supported by offsites and utilities plants including steam and power generation and bagging / loading facilities. The Ammonia and Urea plants are based on technologies of M/s Haldor Topsoe, Denmark and Snamprogetti, Italy, respectively. The name plate capacity of ammonia plant is 990 tpd and that of urea is 1500 tpd. The plants were run successfully at high on-stream factor and capacity utilization with low energy consumption.

The quality, environmental and safety performance of the plant has been excellent.

In the year 1998, the second stream of ammonia and urea plants of same technology (with improved features) and capacities were commissioned at same site. Capacity utilization has been achieved consistently more than 140% per day basis, in these plants. Performance on various parameters of manufacturing excellence like quality, capacity utilization, on-stream factor, personnel and equipment safety and environmental friendliness has been world-class.

Our team of professionals who have operated, maintained and supervised the plant operations has acquired wide experience in smooth operation, troubleshooting and emergency handling.

Our engineers and operators have rendered their services for various other client companies in India and overseas with excellent client feedback on their performance. The team is equipped with professionals having experience in all leading ammonia and urea technologies.
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