·    The equipment will be sold on AS IS WHERE IS AND NO COMPLAINT BASIS only. Interested parties   can inspect the material on any working day (Monday to Friday) between 09 AM to 12.30 PM & 2.PM to 5 PM. No further complaints regarding quality/quantity will be accepted.


·   All interested parties after inspecting the item, may submit their Price Bid in sealed cover addressing to the under signed, duly indicating the Basic Unit Price of each item in Indian Rupees or US Dollars on Ex-NFCL Site basis.


  • The EMD amount is payable by DD favouring Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, payable at Kakinada. All EMDs or Security deposits will not carry any interest


·  The EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) of the successful bidders for the respective Items will be kept as SECURITY DEPOSIT by NFCL during the contract period and the same will not carry any interest whatsoever. The said Security deposit will be refunded after the successful completion of the contract.


·  While lifting the equipment the buyers are required to deposit 100% value of the item being lifted in advance. All payments should be by way of Demand Draft in favour of Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, payable at Kakinada.


·  The item will be delivered on Ex-Our Plant basis.


·  However taxes & duties as applicable at the time of lifting of the items will have to be borne by the parties who have been awarded the contract.


·  Parties will have to make their own transportation arrangement and loading of the material at our Site and follow the safety rules and regulations  as per the security guidelines of NFCL


·  NFCL’s decision to award contract to any party or not to award to any of the bidders shall be final, for which we will not be bound to disclose the reason if any.


·  NFCL reserves the right to withdraw any item even after finalization of the contract depending upon the requirement of the Plant.


·  All successful bidders will be required to lift the material within the specified time frame as intimated by NFCL without allowing it to be accumulated and failure to do so the Security Deposit will be forfeited.


  • For the personnel employed at site of the execution of the work as per contract, insurance will be arranged by the Buyer. The Buyer shall comply with various provisions of the labour laws and  be liable for the loss of any of the equipment, tool &   tackles or injury to your personnel for which an insurance will be taken by the buyer.


  • The Buyer shall responsible to ensure that their employees follow safety regulations and  as per NFCL’s stipulations and other statutory regulations. Buyer shall ensure that all his workmen on site use safety belts, gloves, helmets, masks etc., as necessary for their safety. The buyer shall be responsible to secure compliance’s with all Central and State laws as well as the rules, regulations, bye-law / notifications and orders of the local authorities and statutory bodies as may be in force from time to time. The buyer shall make good at his own cost, any damage to the property of anybody, persons, local authorities etc due to or arising from his operations involved under this order.


  • In case of any dispute arising out of or relating to the terms of the Sale Contract/ Order the matter shall be referred to one arbitrator appointed by NFCL. The arbitrator shall act in accordance with the Provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996. The decision of Arbitrator shall be final. The venue of arbitration shall be Hyderabad.


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