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    List of obsolete equipment for sale      
Sl.No code               Description UOM Qty Remarks
Steam Turbines        
1 51001169 COMPLETE DRIVE STEAM TURBINE(Horizontal)  DSTP-706A/B, Make: Shin Nippon Machine Co. Ltd, Type. H-142 , 3000RPM, 110KW, Inlet Pr.Normal: 37 kg/CM2, Temp. 370 Deg., Year Mfg.1990 NOS 1 Used
2 R51004098 COMPLETE DRIVE STEAM TURBINE (Horizontal) DSTP431A, Make: Coppus Eng, Type: RLA-6E, RPM2900, 72kw, Inlet Pr. 37kg, Temp.370deg NOS 1 Used
3 R51005496 DRIVE STEAM TURBINE (Horizontal) FOR P-124, Make : Coppus Eng, Type: BLAL6E, RPM2900,63kw, Inlet Pr. 24.12kg, Temp. 328Deg NOS 1 Used
4 R51615548 COMPLETE DRIVE STEAM TURBINE (Horizontal) DSTP-420 , Make: Dressor Rand, Type: 18ZS-1,Speed RPM1450, 30kw, Inlet Pr. 38kg, Temp.370deg  NOS 1 Used
5 R51615814 COMPLETE DRIVE STEAM TURBINE (Horizontal) DSTP-450 , Make: Dressor Rand, Type: 18ZS-1,Speed RPM1450, Rated Kw18.5, Inlet Norm Pr. 38kg, Temp.370deg, Year Mfg. 1990 NOS 1 Used
6 R51615815 COMPLETE DRIVE STEAM TURBINE (Vertical) DSTP-430 , Make: Coppus Eng, Type: RLB A12, RPM2900, 26 Kw, Inlet Norm Pr. 38ksc, Temp.370deg,  NOS 2 Used
7 R51616008 COMPLETE DRIVE STEAM TURBINE (Horizontal) EDSTP-451A , Make: Dressor Rand, Type: 18ZS-1,Speed RPM2900, 90kw, Inlet Pr. 38kg, Temp.370deg NOS 1 Used
8 R51616009 COMPLETE DRIVE STEAM TURBINE (Horizontal) EDSTP-600A , Make: Coppus Eng, Type: RLA 16L, RPM2900, 44 Kw, Inlet Norm Pr. 38ksc, Temp.370deg,  NOS 1 Used
9 R51616285 , R51616286, R51616287, R51616290, R51616291, R51616292 TRIVENI MAKE STEAM TURBINE FOR CW PUMP, TYPE: GAF 6C, 1200KW, 5400RPM, HORIZONTAL SPL CASING  WITH Gear box ,Discharge line bellow, Lub oil console, Lub oil filter+shell and Pr.control valve.  set 1 Used
1 56553329 NAPTHA PUMP with STEAM TURBINE  , Pump RPM2500, size/Type: 3x4x121/2CM, . TurbineType: HT150,HP:32.8, steam PSIG 468,Temp: F644 , Make: HAYWARD TYLER. NOS 1 New
2 R65742951 HCL UNLOADING PUMP, DAIPHRAGM TYPE,           MODEL: HL-50  NOS 1 Used
Air Blowers        
1 R51000267 PASSIVATION AIR BLOWER K-102, Make: KAY International P.Ltd, Type: Lobe type WC,size:78, RPM1368  NOS 2 Used
Air compressor        
1 51004694  HORIZONTAL AIR COMPRESSOR, Make: Ingersoll Rand, Type; 30, Size: 5" & 3"x 3_1/2", Model: 253, 9114340  NOS 1 New
Wood cutting Machine      
1 R13002837 WOOD CUTTING MACHINE  Make: Machine Tools International, Model: C-S24, Motor: BELCO Make-Bombay, RPM 1440,2.2kw  NOS 1 New